Thrift haul 2024 (6 March). 2 bags + 3 pairs of shoes. $20 weekly budget.

thrift hauls 2024

5 beautiful thrift haul purchases for $23 (I went over budget).

In my weekly thrift haul video, I’ll show you the 5 pieces I bought with my weekly $20 budget – only shoes and handbags this week because my wardrobe and upcycling projects pile is overflowing at the moment. I found five beauties. Three pairs of shoes and two handbags.
Watch YouTube thrift haul video below.

Thrift purchase 1 – Black leather handbag

First I found a very preloved leather handbag for $6. It was worn and a bit beaten up but I could see its potential. I have since restored it and did a quick little video on the process. If you’re interested to see how it turned out, you can find it on my channel. It looks like new now.

thrift haul 2024 black leather handbag

Thrift purchase 2 – Black patent leather shoes

Next, I found a pair of patent leather shoes. They were cheap because one of the heels was partially broken. It actually fell off completely when I got it home. I used a plant pot to fix the heel. It’s a handy tip to know and you can watch the process on my channel. A handy tip – I used a plant pot to fix the heel.

thrift haul 2024 black patent leather shoes

Thrift purchase 3 – Cross-body leather handbag

I also bought a very practical cross body leather bag for $6. It had scratches all over it and someone had tried to cover them up, unsuccessfully, with a biro. I have also restored this and it’s my new favourite bag. You can see this super easy restoration on my channel.

thrift haul 2024 leather handbag

Thrift purchase 5 – Leather sandals

Next, I bought some leather sandals. I like to think they were once someone’s favourite dancing shoes because they looked like they’ve had a great time. Both of the soles were detaching from the shoe but, with some glue and a polish, they now look fantastic.

thrift haul 2024 black leather sandals

Thrift purchase – Red leather sandals

And finally, I was so excited to find some red strappy, leather sandals. They were in perfect condition and, thankfully, I didn’t have to do a thing to them.

thrift haul 2024 red leather sandals

All these restoration projects were simple enough for anyone to do. In fact, they were all so quick, I did them all in one evening after work.

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